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Crazy Flying Pigs!!!

welcome to the world of Carly

6 November
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I work for QFC as a checker/front end coordinator, and man is it stimulating. I like to laugh a lot, sometimes i don't know why i am laughing, but i just can't help it. i enjoy walking around greenlake at night, the beach, and going downtown at the waterfront at night. its so peaceful and you can be as goofy as u want. plus you can just enjoy the elements for what they are. i like to think as myself as being a nice friendly person. my moto is it take more energy to be upset about little things, hold grudges, and depressed, then to just be happy. besides happy people live longer healthier lives. And i love that when ur around a happy-go-lucky person, it rubs off on you. so if you ever want to just talk or chill hit me up. i love meeting new people.

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